Programme level Name of the Programme/Course Duration Entry Qualification  Sanctioned Student Strenght
Post Graduate M.Lib.& I.Sc. 2 Yrs. Any Graduation  60
Under Graduate B.Lib.& I.Sc. 3 Yrs. 12th Arts,Com.& Sci. 60
Under Graduate B.B.A. (Mgt) 3 Yrs. 12th Arts,Com.& Sci. 60
Under Graduate B.C.A. (Mgt) 3 Yrs. 12th Arts,Com.& Sci. 60

Faculty of Library & Information Science



M.Lib.&I.Sc.- First SEM


Foundations of Information Science


Practical based on LISc101T


Knowledge Organization


Practical based on LISc102T


Information Sources & Services


a)Information Sources b) Compllation of Documentation list


Electives- Information Literacy


Practical Based of LISc104T




M.Lib.&I.Sc.- Second SEM


Management of Libraries & Information Centres


Practical Based on LISc201T


Information Processing


Practical Based on LISc202T


Information Technology-Basic


Practical Based on LISc203T


Elective-Electronic Information Sources


Practical Based on LISc204T




M.Lib.&I.Sc.-Third SEM


Reaearch Methods & Statistical Techniques


Information Technologh-Applications


Practical based on LISc302T


Information Analysis,Repackaging& Consolidation


Practical based on LISc303T


Electives- Documentation


Practical based on LISc304T






M.Lib.&I.Sc.- Fourth SEM


Information Retrieval


Practical baded on LISc401T


Project Work




Core Electives- Marketing of Libraries &InformationsCentres


Practical baded on LISc403T


Electives-Web Page Design


Practical based on LISc404T